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Customer Support & Processes to a better solution

Please contact us via email with any concerns or warranty issues.  Please include your name, telephone,  email and address.  If you have an issue please include a photo of the entire product and a close up when possible.  Having all this information in your first email will minimize the back and forth and speed up any process that may be required.  Our suppliers will require photographs in order to address and identify ways to resolve any issues that may arise. Thank you for your understanding.

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  • Can I order online?

    Yes you can! We offer instore and online shopping. If you are looking for custom furniture, please please reach out to the store directly and a salesperson will give you full service assistance, by answering your questions and help with your fabric selections and and size modifications for your purchase. Thank You, The Portside Interiors Team.

  • Do you offer Design Services?

    At Portside Interiors we offer instore and in-home solutions.  If you are working on a refresh where a limited amount of pieces are required, we can assist with your supplied images and dimensions.  Reach the store and speak with a salesperson and they can assist.

    If you are a builder or developer and working on a larger project such as a Display Home/Show Home or an individual looking to work on a larger project we can assist.  Please reach the store and discuss scale of project and we can cover all details such as timelines, budgets and fees.

    We look forward to working together.

    Thank you, The Portside Interiors Team.

  • Are items instock?

    At the moment the furniture industry is busier than usual and stock replenishments are coming to North America weekly.  If something was not in-stock when you first checked, please check back or ask a salesperson for better information and details.  Our suppliers have increased incoming shipments to better service our market. 

    Thank you, The Portside Interiors Team.

  • What style of furniture do you carry?

    At Portside Interiors, we carry a curated collection of furniture and decor.  We lean towards West Coast modern furniture and adore its styling.  West Coast modern balances organic shapes and materials with clean straight lines. You may find some pieces that touch on mid century modern or retro versions of art deco, but cleaner lined versions of these styles is what you will see at Portside Interiors. 

  • What furniture categories or types of furniture do you carry?

    We offer the majority of all categories of furniture. For the Living Room, we carry upholstered goods such as leather or fabric Sofas and Sectionals, Armchairs, occasional chairs. We carry stylish coffee tables, side tables, accent tables and more.  You will find Table lamps, floor lamps, carpets, pillows and throw blankets to help round out the edges for your Living Room. 

    For the Dining Room furniture, we offer live edge - solid wood tables, marble dining tables of various sizes and shapes. Rectangular tables, Round dining tables, and extension dining tables.  We carry a great selection of Dining chairs, and counter stools, as well as barstools. Some are leather or fabric stools. We also carry chandeliers, pendants and hanging lights to place above your dining table.

    The Bedroom Furniture at Portside Interiors, is extensive.  We have upholstered headboards, wooden beds, Storage beds, in most sizes, we offer some storage bed options in Single bed, Double Bed, Full bed, Queen Bed, and King Bed.  We have dressers, night stands, bed side tables and bed side table lamps, and table lamps.

    We also have a great selection of Rugs and decor items for your home. We have instock pillows, throw blankets.  Textured pillows in velvet and feather filled pillows that you can take home. We carry carpets and rugs that are available within a short time and in various sizes, you can view our carpets online and place an order and have shipped directly to your home. We also showcase some stylish floor mirrors and wall mirrors. 

    In the near future we will be carrying bathroom towels and more dinnerware products such as plates, bowls, water glasses, wine glasses. and champagne glasses -cheers!



  • Where is your furniture from?

    We carry a global collection of furniture and decor from all over the world. Some upholstery is locally made in Vancouver, Canada, Quebec, Canada or imported from Sweden and Poland, Europe. As well, Mexico, Vietnam, Malaysia and China continue to produce higher standard of goods that meet the quality that we seek for the North American market.

    Certain countries have emerged as leaders in Wood and metal making such as India, Vietnam and China. India has become increasingly popular as a go-to producer for textiles, blankets, pillows, poufs and throws. As well, India has become a major player in the lighting industry producing a large portion of metal fixtures and hanging lights.

    If you have any more questions please inquire, we will be happy to assist.

  • Is your store expensive?

    Portside Interiors is in the upper-medium price range. We carry a broad selection of furniture to meet most budgets. Our Sofas Range between $1695 and $8000 CAD, while our sectionals range between $2500 and $12,000 CAD approximately, of course more is available and prices can be lower and higher depending on how large the piece(s) and what materials are used. But these general guidelines offer a general expectation for price points that you may find at Portside Interiors.